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made a new shirtdesign and we looove it!, especially the technique of the print (it´s a carefully guarded secret ;D)!!!
maybe there´s gonna be more designs to follow but for now i´m really proud to wear SADE´s beautiful face near to my heart! 





als waschechte hessen besitzt jeder aus meiner familie dieses kochbuch– auch in reminiszenz an die vortrefflichen kochkünste meiner oma! das buch ist so wunderschön- mit stoffeinband, vergilbtem papier, mit den notizen und unzähligen fettflecken. selbstverständlich sind unglaublich köstliche dinge darin zum nachkochen zu finden- ganz besonders zu empfehlen ist das grüne sosse rezept nach frankfurter art. das schicke ich jedem gerne auf nachfrage zu! 

das-kochbuch-aus-hessen  hessisch-kochen-rezept

Yeah Yeah Yeah´s

the new video of their upcoming album it´s blitz! … ready to buy it via itunes or wait for the „real“ release in april!
i´m always enthused about karen o.´s stunning way of style, voice and appearance…
been a long time that Dazed & Confussed brought karen o and debbie harry together in NYC… check out the nice interview




i love Katharine Hamnett´s CHOOSE LIFE shirt since a long, long time and finally i think i have to buy it- what do you think?! 

CLICK: to see George Michael and my favourite shirt dancing…



Get Well Soon!

found this wonderful coral toy during a walk these days. a wonderful german label called BAREFOOT BERLIN-making textile soft toys since 1958. each piece is unique and nothing is mass-produced! Hope my sisters little baby will love it!

and look what her little boy presented me at my last visit…GET WELL SOON- picture (concerning my wisdom-teeth-operation)


freezing cold outside! that´s why i made some colourful purchases to warm up a bit…

1260 GRAD

i found a wonderful shop called 1260 GRAD last week in munich where i bought that vase- perfect shape and size with a really special structure. they sell very lovely self- made pottery and i could spend hours snoopin around…right across the street i got this spray of dahlias to give the vase a perfect accessory!