Tapestry and a Hot-Dog

▙▀ ▚ ▖▛▝ ▜▞▟▙▀ ▚ ▖▛▝ ▜ ▞▙▀ ▚ ▖▛▝ ▜▞▟▙▀ ▚ ▖▛▝ ▜ ▞▙▀ ▚ ▖▛▝
men, time goes by too fast…i´m so sorry for my discontinuity! i like to show you some nice things from last week…first is a old tapestry from BANGUI, central-africa. my relatives lived there and it was a gift to us when we where little. now this masterpiece is mine and it reminds me of my child´s room back in the days. i love it. the memory, the great needlework, the colours and the motive.

AND look at this cute flower and the special mail which my sweet five-year-old nephew sent to his „fast-food aunty“ from his holidays in sweden: a delicious-looking hot dog (varm korv)- postcard- deeply in love with the stamps (and julius of course)

african carpet


postcard juli

+++ my favourite song from CAROLE KING´s Album TAPESTRY
▙▀ ▚ ▖▛▝ ▜▞▟▙▀ ▚ ▖▛▝ ▜ ▞▙▀ ▚ ▖▛▝ ▜▞▟▙▀ ▚ ▖▛▝ ▜ ▞▙▀ ▚ ▖▛▝


6 Antworten zu “Tapestry and a Hot-Dog

  1. wundervoll 🙂

  2. Großartig! Da lacht da Herz! C*

  3. Sorry, „s“ vergessen!

  4. ich wollte nur mal ein ehrliches dankeschön für lilly wood ant the pricks loswerden.

    merci madame.

    lg charlotte

  5. super. and mit t. das war wenigstens kreativ…

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