today is such a great great day- its LUIS birthday!
i don´t know if its the real day of birth because he´s a really poor little stray from poland but the nice woman from the pound estimated the 30th for sentimental values. as i met him he already answered of the name „Luis“…isn´t it matching? my full name is Ann „Luisa“ and we have a lot of other things in common (thankfully not the ears) !
Luis is reeeeally affectionate and he follows me wherever i go. every day. every minute. he always keep me in sight. always.
you can´t imagine the lots of  happiness and love  he gives.  he´s is the most loving thing in the world…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!





4 Antworten zu “LUIS

  1. happy birthday süssester luis!
    one love

  2. einen dicken geburtstagskuss für luis!

  3. oooooh du hast einen hund? wann kommst du her und bringst ihn mit??

  4. oh mein Gott, ist der süß!

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